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The Veritas Papers is a set of fifteen pamphlets shedding light on some of the most controversial issues of the occupation. Download them today!

Graffiti on the Apartheid Wall in Occupied Palestine

The apartheid wall cuts through the West Bank and annexes Palestinian land, in order to protect over half a million illegal Israeli settlers. As a form of resistance, there is art and graffiti across many parts of the wall. Photo Credit: Ahmed Mesleh

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The Veritas Handbook is an extensive handbook containing vital information and resources for anyone and everyone interested in the plight of Palestinians for justice and equality.

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The Veritas Projects aim to provide free and attractive resources on the Palestinian struggle for justice and self-determination. Download The Veritas Papers and Handbook today. Photo Credit: Kartika Alexandra

Monday, May 17, 2010

About Us: The Veritas Team

The Veritas Team's primary aim is to provide attractive and free resources for activists in the Palestine solidarity movement.  Our material is freely available for everyone interested in the plight of Palestinians for justice and equality, and as such, all of our publications are available for free PDF downloads.

Compiled and written by a multi-ethnic group of former campus activists across North America, The Veritas Team does its level best to provide useful resources for activists.

Currently, we have published two projects:
  1. The Veritas Handbook: The handbook contains 347 pages of articles, resources, and debates. The handbook's primary aim is to provide much needed resources to activists and an education that many unfortunately lack. 
  2. The Veritas Papers: This is a set of fifteen pamphlets in full colour! These aim to be a simple resource for all, and especially activists to distribute to the wider community. They are simple and concise, each requiring only one piece of letter-sized paper. While information is readily available, it is not usually presentable, and this is the primary aim of The Veritas Papers. 
The Veritas Handbook and Papers have been complimented by friends and foes alike. In fact, the handbook was described by one Israeli advocate as a "compelling presentation, well-designed, and viral". More importantly, the Electronic Intifada described it as "visually and informationally comprehensive for activists, researchers and educators alike".

The Veritas Handbook can also be found on various social media outlets, including:
For more information, please contact the team by emailing

The Veritas Handbook: Sneak Preview!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


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