Saturday, January 7, 2012

Addendum 1: Companies to Boycott, Be a Responsible Buyer

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VP Add 1 Companies to Boycott

Sources for: Companies to Boycott: Be a Responsible Buyer

Correction and Updated Version: Since we were researching and creating these documents for awhile before the publication, we just realized that the former CEO of HP who is mentioned in the leaflets is no longer the CEO of HP (he ceased to be late 2011, after we had completed our research on the company). Nevertheless, HP continues to have an intimate relationship with the Israeli military. We also noticed something a little weird going on with the font, and have corrected the formatting. Please note that this is the only reason for the updated versions.

Click on the following links for more information into each company and/or their official campaign:
·         Hewlett Packard*
·         Estee Lauder Companies*
·         Limited Brands*
·         Mountain Equipment Co-Op*
·         Motorola*
o    Also see the official Hang Up On Motorola campaign
·         Max Brenner
·         Chapters, Indigo & Coles*
·         Ahava Dead Sea Cosmetics

** Companies with a star next to them have been independently researched by The Veritas Team and findings are posted on the links. 


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