Saturday, January 7, 2012

Addendum 2: Famous People and Things Who Support Palestine

You can also download the original PDF file by clicking here (hit the top right-hand button "Download Original" or press CTRL+S) Please ensure you download the original files for printing and read our printing instructions. If you would like to download all of the Veritas Papers together, please click hereVP Add 2 Famous People and Things Who Support Palestine

Sources for: Famous People and Things That Support Palestine

·         150 American actors, directors etc. sign on to the boycott of illegal settlements.
·         Coldplay endorsing the song and facebook removal.
·         Lush’s ethical campaign supporting One World’s song “Freedom for Palestine”
·         Toronto Boycott Declaration (what Viggo Mortensen signed on to)
·         Lupe Fiasco
o    Words I never Said” – song that includes lyrics about Gaza getting bombed.
·         Roger Waters
·         Cristiano Ronaldo
·         Noam Chomsky
o    Read his books or articles and you’ll get a better impression of this vociferous critic of Israel who was recently barred from entering Israel because of his political views.
·         Jesus
o    Some people may have found this addition a little odd, but we believe it. Jesus, as a lover of humanity and justice, without a doubt, supports the Palestinian plight for justice.
·         Naomi Klein
·         Desmond Tutu
·         Elvis Costello and Santana
·         Lowkey
o    Long Live Palestine Official Video (lyrics include references to the BDS campaign)
·         Alan Rickman
·         History of the Kaffiyeh
o    Support the kaffiyeh factor! Buy your authentic Palestinian kaffiyeh here.


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