Saturday, January 7, 2012

Download: The Veritas Papers

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We've tried to make downloading the files as easy as possible. If you would like to read the papers online without having to download them, please go to the individual pages for each of the papers below. 

1. Download All
Download all of The Veritas Papers (15 files, 12.2 MB) from Google Docs (hit "download original" at the top right-hand corner to download ALL of the files in a zip document) by clicking here.

Please note that if you get error messages on the Google Docs file, that you try again. Due to the size of the file, there are times when Google will give an error message, probably due to traffic. We have tried our level best to provide a free download avenue and so that everyone can freely access the files or at the very least view them online. 

2. Download Individuals: 
Download individual papers from Google Docs. View the collection here and choose which papers you would like to download (again, hit "download original" at the top right-hand corner of each paper) by clicking here. 

3. Reading Online, Printing, and Sources
If you have a scribd account, you can also view the Veritas Papers on there.
  is where my documents live!

Printing: If you would like to print the Veritas Papers, please download the original PDF files (from the Google Docs above) and follow these printing instructions.

Sources: You can view the sources for all of the papers by clicking here. Alternatively, you can read the sources at the bottom of each page (in the links below).

To read the papers online and see sources for individual papers, go through the following (click each paper to go to its page):

Paper 1: Occupation from Scratch
Paper 2: Myth vs. Reality
Paper 3: The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
Paper 4: Israel's "Right to Exist" 
Paper 5: The West Bank & Settlements
Paper 6: Apartheid 
Paper 7: Breaking Gaza
Paper 8: International Law 
Paper 9: Resistance 
Paper 10: A Real Partner for Peace? 
Paper 11A: Canada's Role in Occupation
Paper 11B: America: Israel's Biggest Ally
Paper 12: Boycotting Israel 

Addendum 1: Companies to Boycott: Be a Responsible Buyer
Addendum 2: Famous People and Things who Support Palestine


When I download them, certain parts are redacted. Is there a reason for that?

I'm not sure what you mean? Do you think you can be more specific? What has been uploaded are identical files to the ones on scribd so there should be no differences. If you're viewing them in Google Docs or Scribd, then the quality is slightly less and the original PDFs optimized. If you can elaborate, we'd really appreciate it! Thanks

Note: We just ammended Addendum 1 (Companies to Boycott) because of a factual inaccuracy. Please download the updated versions of the files!

If there are any redactions you notice (beyond the quality of the documents because of online reading), please let us know.

Thank you,
The Veritas Team

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