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**Note: Also see the official "Hang Up on Motorola" campaign.
** In 2011, Motorola split into two companies. You can decide which of their products to boycott off of this... but the brand and logo is pretty much as tainted as it gets. 

Motorola Israel (wholly owned by Motorola USA) is another company that directly profits off of the war crimes of the Israeli occupation. It is the first branch outside of the USA where Motorola has operated and has been in Israel since the ethnic cleansing of 1948. Although it sold one of its units that was directly creating bomb fusers for the Israeli army (a reason for this move was not given) after Motorola serial numbers were discovered in the aftermath of Operation Cast Lead by Human Rights Watch-- it is still heavily invested in the Israeli army, most infamously including its design for an IDF cellular network known as "Mountain Rose". Even after selling its GED (Government Electronics Department), Motorola has continued to work with the Israeli army in their technological development, making suggestions and more.

Read the Electronic Intifada for a full report (after Motorola sold the GED):

Read the Who profile on Motorola:

Information on "Mountain Rose" Communications:

More information on the communications system and surveillance system (WASS which is deployed at several places on the apartheid wall and in settlements) from the Defense Solutions Department (which still exists) on the Israeli Ministry of Defense website:

This was the Motorola Israeli website speaking of it's communication system for the military (the website was in Hebrew, and we used Google Translate to find information on the above picture. Since this screenshot was taken in 2009, the website was changed (due to Motorola splitting), and they haven't made the new website as easy to navigate. 

To read a report from the Israeli Ministry of Defense on GED (before Motorola sold it), click here:


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