Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hewlett Packard (HP)

HP: Hewlett- Packard


On the HP Enterprises website (formerly EDS), HP describes itself: "As one of the largest systems integration companies in the country, HP Israel performs multiple projects for applications and web development, integration, and legacy modernization, as well as complex projects involving biometric identification and Homeland Security. Additionally, HP Israel is one of the large ERP implementers in the country with many large-scale, enterprise-wide implementations."

HP Israel References

A partial list of HP Israel clients includes:
  • Government—Police, Knesset—Israeli Parliament, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Construction and Housing, Ministry of Interior and National Insurance Institute, Immigration Authority
  • Manufacturing and Retail—Tnuva (outsourcing), Israel Military Industries (outsourcing), Caniel (outsourcing), Scope
  • Communications—Cellcom, Comverse (outsourcing), ECI Telecom (outsourcing), Lumenis (outsourcing)
  • Financial—Bank Leumi, Bank Hapoalim, Bank Mizrachi, First International Bank of Israel (outsourcing), Cal, LeumiCard, Discount Bank Transportation—Israel, Airports Authority, Port Authority, Haifa and Ashdod ports
  • Healthcare—Kupat Cholim Clalit, Sarel
  • Energy—Israel Electrical Company, Israeli Oil Refineries

April 23rd, 2010: "Some of the new computers, made by Hewlett Packard and purchased in a multimillion-dollar deal, will come with specially-designed keyboards that can only be accessed by the insertion of a smart card into its side and the biometric identification of the designated user’s fingerprint. Currently, IDF computers are accessed by a smart card inserted into a special apparatus connected to the computer."


HP also owns "EDS" . Recently EDS changed its name to HP Enterprise Systems. Company Profile:

According to, this means that HP has designed a permit system that further entrenches apartheid into the lives of the Palestinian people, while providing security and services to the Israeli military and government institutions: subjugating the Palestinian people to constant humiliation in the life of occupation.


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