Thursday, January 5, 2012

MEC- Mountain Equipment Co-Op

Mountain Equipment Co-Op

Mountain Equipment Co-Op sells products that are made in Israel, and furthermore creates it's own brand products in a few factories in Israel. It is also partnered with "Source Vagabond" for its hydration systems. Source Vagabond is intricately related to the IDF and produces equipment for the military (especially hydration systems). This is not to mention that MEC discloses most of it's factory locations in an annual report. According to the report available for download here , there are 3 Israeli factories. These are factories that create MEC-BRAND equipment. Furthermore, there are several Israeli products sold at MEC.

For more on the campaign against MEC, please see:


Source Vagabond bragging about it's involvement in the Israeli military, and that its products are "designed by soldiers" and "combat proven".

This shows the Israeli products sold by MEC. To see a full listing, click here.


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