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Paper 1: Occupation from Scratch

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VP Paper 1 Occupation From Scratch

Sources for Paper 1: Occupation From Scratch

Note: We have only quoted sources for things that may be questioned for validity. Most of what has been mentioned is historical fact that can be read in any history book. We encourage you to do your own research on the various issues presented. If you would like us to cite something, please email us at 

·         The Maps: The maps used in this pamphlet were created by a member of our team using photoshop. Maps from the UN were traced and scaled to create what you see, and all maps are to scale and accurate. The following maps were used to create the graphics you see:
·         Historic Palestine: This refers to Palestine as set out by the British Mandate for Palestine, defining the region as Palestine.
·         Population Statistics:
§  Justin McCarthy’s “The Population of Palestine”
§  British Census
§  United Nations
·         Land Statistics:
o    Map 1: Land Ownership in 1917
o    Map 4 Land Statistics: According to the UN Armistice lines, Israel seized 77% of Palestine. It is currently in control of about 60% of the remaining 22% , which leads to it being in control of 90% of Historic Palestine.
§  Israel’s control of historic Palestine: the figure 90% is derived from the fact that:
·         60% of the West Bank is controlled by Israel (Area C) (including all borders, this is a generous figure given that Israelis also have partial control of Area B).
·         76.95% + 60%/21.71% = 89.98%
·         Israel (all areas according to the CIA Factbook): 20 770 sq km.
·         West Bank: 5860 sq km
·         Gaza: 360 sq km
·         Total Area: 26 990 sq km
o    Israel: 76.95%
o    West Bank: 21.71%
o    Gaza: 1.33%
·         UN Partition Plan of 1948
·         1917 Balfour Declaration
·         Ethnic Cleansing:
o    Some people may have a problem with the usage of this term, if so, read Paper 3: The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, and Ilan Pappe’s “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine”


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