Saturday, January 7, 2012

Paper 11a: Canada's Role in Occupation

You can also download the original PDF file by clicking here (hit the top right-hand button "Download Original" or press CTRL+S)  Please ensure you download the original files for printing and read our printing instructionsIf you would like to download all of the Veritas Papers together, please click hereVP Paper 11a Canada's Role in Occupation

Sources for Paper 11a: Canada’s Role:

·         Palestinian Right to Self-Determination, UN voting results, 2007
·         Canada’s explanation of voting in 2008
·      Harper's comments on Israel's onslaught of Lebanon
·         Peter Kent's comments on Israel's onslaught of Gaza 
·         George Galloway banned entry into Canada
·          Funding cut to KAIROS and CAF and UNRWA

·         Canada and Israel Relationship (according to the Canadian government)
·         CPCCA findings: Final Report
·         Canada abstaining from 2004 resolution 10248 on the  ICJ ruling
·         2009 Canada vote UN HRC  (Document A/64/53 E)
·         2011 UN GA voting results
Further Information:


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