Saturday, January 7, 2012

Paper 12: Boycotting Israel

You can also download the original PDF file by clicking here (hit the top right-hand button "Download Original" or press CTRL+S)  Please ensure you download the original files for printing and read our printing instructionsIf you would like to download all of the Veritas Papers together, please click hereVP Paper 12 Boycotting Israel

Sources for Paper 12: Boycotting Israel

·         Information on the BDS campaign has been taken from the movement’s official website:
·         Agrexco going bankrupt
·         Success of the boycott movement and Israel seeing the movement as a threat. See this special on YNET
·         Divestment of:
·         Famous People: See the addenda for details on famous people who have endorsed the boycott. Click here to read more! 

Companies to Boycott: Addendum #1: 


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