Saturday, January 7, 2012

Paper 7: Breaking Gaza

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Sources for Paper 7: Breaking Gaza

The information used in this paper has been taken from:
·      Settlement population in the Gaza Strip before "disengagement"
·         Settlement and Settler Statistics (and its vast increase), BTselem 
·      Settler relocation to the West Bank 
·         Statistics of Operation Cast Lead, BTselem
·         UN OCHA OPT Gaza Strip Fact Sheet
·         UN OCHA OPT Gaza Strip Presentation
·         Israel’s stated aims in the Gaza blockade has been a mixture of the following (a) stopping rockets (b) pressuring Hamas (c) an economic blockade. Its stated aim has been to weaken the Hamas government, knowing that the civilian population would suffer. To read more on this, see the PCHR report on the Gaza blockade and Jonathan Cook’s piece on “The Real Goal of Israel’s Gaza Blockade
Human Rights reports on Operation Cast Lead and Israeli War Crimes:
·         Humanitarian Situation in Gaza graphs:
o    The data for these graphs has been taken from a report by the World Food Programme, titled Gaza: Eased or Un-eased? Published June 2011


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