Saturday, January 7, 2012

Paper 8: International Law

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Sources for Paper 8: International Law

·         Text of the various laws and resolutions mentioned:
o    General Assembly
§  General Assembly Resolution 194
§  General Assembly Resolution 3236
§  General Assembly Resolution 10248
o    Security Council
§  Security Council Resolution 242
§  Security Council Resolution 446
§  Security Council Resolution 1397
·         The table on the last page with all of the resolutions: you might not believe us, but we researched this ourselves. The UN has all of their resolutions online, and a very convenient search process. We used their search engine to find all resolutions pertaining to “the question of Palestine” and “Israel”, then manually went through them to make sure that they pertained to the conflict. Some of these resolutions have been passed over and over (with new resolution numbers) since Israel has not complied. Nevertheless, this is the number of resolutions that have been passed (including resolutions that have been passed more than once). 

You can try doing it yourself if you want to make sure we’re telling the truth… but it will take you a few hours J
o    Here’s the search engine for the voting records:
§  You can limit the search to GA resolutions or SC resolutions
§  Add the relevant resolutions to a “list” that you can later e-mail to yourself.


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