Saturday, January 7, 2012

Paper 9: Resistance

You can also download the original PDF file by clicking here (hit the top right-hand button "Download Original" or press CTRL+S)  Please ensure you download the original files for printing and read our printing instructionsIf you would like to download all of the Veritas Papers together, please click hereVP Paper 9 Resistance

Sources for Paper 9: Resistance

·         To discuss Israeli weaponry, and how this is not a balanced conflict, see the last chart of Paper 3: A Real Partner for Peace?
·         For a longer discussion on Non-violent vs. Violent Resistance, see the perspectives section of The Veritas Handbook, from page 210
·         Norman Finkelstein: What We Can Learn From Gandhi
·         Expanding of settlements and settler population increase during and after Oslo Accords: see this BTselem report, page 17-19
·         Casualties of Operation Cast Lead from BTselem can be viewed here
·         The murder of Mustafa Tamimi, article on BTselem
·         For more on Israeli restrictions on Palestinian non-violent protests, see the following reports from BTselem:
·         The Village of Bilin’s creative protesting, including noteworthy imitation of Avatar.
o    See for more on the village. 


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