FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Who wrote The Veritas Handbook and The Veritas Papers?

The Veritas Handbook and Papers were compiled and written by a multi-ethnic group of former campus activists from Canada and the US. The team wanted the handbook to remain anonymous so that it's contents would be taken without any bias, and purely for the information in it. For more information on the team, you can see the Electronic Intifada feature on the book.

(2) Where can I get a hard copy of The Veritas Handbook and copies of The Veritas Papers? 

The Veritas Handbook is only available in PDF copy for download at the moment. Although we are looking into possibly publishing a hard copy in the future, there is currently no such option available. However, we encourage you to print your own copies at your local copy center, while being eco-friendly. The handbook was designed to be used online, as many things are hyper-linked in order to maximize accessibility.

As for The Veritas Papers, we encourage you to print and distribute them widely. Linked to the downloads, you can also find detailed printing instructions. If we are able to secure funding in the future, we will look into creating pamphlet packages and sending them to different organizations. However, at this moment, we have not acquired the funding to do so.

(3) Is The Veritas Handbook available in any other language?

Currently, The Veritas Handbook is only available in English. If it becomes available in any other language, we will be sure to update the website with access to this version.

(4) How can I read the Veritas Handbook on my Kindle and/or iPhone/iTouch/iPad?

The Veritas Handbook is conveniently available in PDF format. Both Kindle and Apple products provide applications that allow for reading PDFs. By transferring the files to your device, you should be able to read the PDF with a simple PDF reader, or iBooks.


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